“Omnipresenz” by Daniel González Franco, Carlos Soro and Angel Muñoz (2014)



Virtual reality has begun to take over the marketplace as the forefront in modern day entertainment interaction. The makers of “Omnipresenz” aim to take it a step further by implanting the ideas of “the viewer” into a live-action human participant which they call an avatar.

This is simultaneously a removal and addition of individuals to an urban environment.

For one, the actual viewer is not at the space which is somewhat of a removal of them from the environment. Their true presence is no longer felt. On the other hand, that person’s actions are being committed through the avatar which could in someway be considered that person being there.

All in all, this project could change the face of an entire urban scene by replacing your presence with an experiential avatar. Read more about “Omnipresenz” here.

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