“Mixed Signals” by Luke Hottinger and Joo Yun Han (2015)

one still shot

The box has the raspberry pi and speaker with the infrared sensor of outside to detect closing door. When the door is closed, it makes the sound of weight training room – breathing, gasping out, noise from equipment and moan. The one minute recording has various responses in the elevator. Some said hello to the box, others were scared, and the others were excited or irritated.

mixed signal

In this intervention, we prepared three different sound clips which has different context related to some kinds of actions. Applauding sound has context when someone comes up on a stage or has done something good. The action in here is just taking elevator. For the sound of taking photo, it occurs when people take a picture and there is expected gesture. Finally, flushing sound is happened after someone’s action. It has totally different context with the elevator.


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