East Liberty Station – Contextual Analysis / Observing Public Spaces

East Liberty station is located in Shadyside.

physical feature social feature
1  specific purpose for taking bus  mostly people coming alone
2  placed lower level than shady avenue  do not go to the place by accident or stopping by
3  there’s another bus stop so it occurs some confusion  earphone, smartphone completely block seeing someone else or communication
4  good accessibility to three avenues – Ellsworth, Penn, Shady avenue  coming and going shortly – short conversation
5  near by big stores like giant eagle, target etc.   sometimes friends or couples,  parent and child but not family or big group
6  many people holding plastic bags from the stores  having snacks or drink while waiting bus
7  way to work in downtown smoking at the bus stop
8   crowded in specific time  sometimes share cigarette(seemed knew each other before)
9   under the construction  meeting co-workers on the way to work (wearing same uniform)
10  near construction site for shopping center  many of waiting people talking on the phone
11  behind the fence and net, dangerous and sharp woo pieces and other materials  specific demography – a lot of people in bus stop are African american
12  there are many heavy vehicle and equipment  many construction workers seems Latin american and African american
13  noisy because of construction and cars  it seems there is hierarchical relationship between workers
14  three benches  some workers let others know(order) what to do
15  one red news-box, but it doesn’t seem to be used  cooperation between construction workers and having snack or drinking water together in short break and
16  trash bin beside benches  other workers who was in other part of construction come by and having small talk and greeting
17  signs of way out – sidewalk closed, exit  meeting people who knew each other by accident and shake hands
18  four stop(A to D) signs of buses  asking about the way to go somewhere and bus stops to others
19  train goes near the bus stop  seldom talk to someone else
20  people do not use crossing which is at the end of the stop  acquaintances taking apart right after taking off the bus
21  walk through the road when the car does not come  lines for taking bus and going up to avenues are naturally created by their position and other’s situation
22  new asphalt road  having distance such as one person sitting on one bench
23  there’s bus garage near the bus stop  hand signal and communication between construction workers and bus drivers
24  roof for covering snow or rain  when one person cross through the road, others tend to follow as a group
25  sign for encouraging people to consider others  most people are indifferent to others

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