“Deehubs” (and its abuse) by Various (2014)



Deehubs is “a social network where people post in streets.” It consists of a set of projectors set up in various cities where people are able to post images and phrases to these projectors.


While most of what was posted on the original Deehub was , in my opinion, cute, it really became interesting once 4chan became aware of it. The founders of Deehubs (Bakar Maruashvili, Keti “Afeola” Kebuladze, Abhinav Saxena, Giorgi Gurgenidze) had left the content of the piece entirely in the hands of the web. Most of what was posted was in keeping with ‘normality’, but 4chan was able to use it to to bring their uniquely dark brand of humor into physical space.

The following is written on the Deehubs website:

“In Deehubs we are “vandals”. Some people want to become cops to protect the system, while others want to become vandals to create better looking world, we are looking for vandals. People who never abandon their dreams and even in their hard times they are chasing for their stars.”

They got what they wanted, in a way.


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