Contextual Analysis: The Carnegie Mellon Cut & Academic Mall

The Carnegie Mellon cut and academic mall are large outdoor spaces that help connect all parts of campus and almost used by all people in the university.

Physical Qualities

  1. Contains human controlled greenery
  2. Concrete walkways
  3. Steps in front of Hamerschlag
  4. Slope facing the tennis courts
  5. Large grassy areas
  6. Contains The Fence
  7. Adjacent to Forbes Ave.
  8. Provides uninterrupted view of Hunt Library from Forbes Ave.
  9. Has bikes racks in various location
  10. Provides some seating
  11. Contains artificial lighting
  12. Central location on campus
  13. Is cut up into various smaller areas
  14. Contains Robotic race course
  15. Contains walking to the sky
  16. Is the mirroring line for the over all design of the campus
  17. Adjacent to all major buildings on campus
  18. Steam tunnels located underneath
  19. Was originally a ravine
  20. Form a L shape
  21. Contains East-West Walkway
  22. Contains a bus stop on Forbes Ave.
  23. Contains designated smoking areas
  24. Is handy cap accessible
  25. Has a large clock in font of Doherty Hall

Social Qualities

  1. Used as though way
  2. Location of orientation tent
  3. Used for many special event
  4. Not limited to pedestrian traffic
  5. Non pedestrian traffic is disliked by pedestrians
  6. Area in front of Doherty Hall if frequently used for event publication
  7. Slope area in front of tennis court used for outdoor theater
  8. The Fence acts as social gathering location
  9. Use of the area is influenced by the weather
  10. Used as recreational sporting area
  11. Used by both Carnegie Mellon members and non members
  12. Is used more in the summer and spring months
  13. Used by people to hang out
  14. Iconic views of Carnegie Mellon
  15. Used by people 24 hours
  16. People mostly follow the concrete paths
  17. Forbes Ave. is side is considered the front/main entrance of campus
  18. People prefer not to use it in the winter
  19. Used for the big orientation ice breaking
  20. Used for the photo of the new incoming class
  21. The Cut shares it’s name with an on campus music magazine
  22. People are mostly on their way to something
  23. Used as recruiting area for many on campus organization
  24. Used for robotics competition once a year
  25. Has a dead patch of grass after orentation

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