“Applications of Computer Science” by Luke Hottinger (2015)

Iteration 1

“Applications of Computer Science” aims at being a mild parody of the Carnegie Mellon Admissions goof up of 2015.  This was a case where 800 students were incorrectly sent acceptance emails from the School of Computer Science.

The piece depicts an admissions officer drafting a rejection letter that the autonomous admissions computer system has other plans for.  This piece was projected onto one of the center walls of the helix in the Gates Center for Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, which is held as being the number one computer science school in the country.



Iteration 2

In this iteration, I created a webapp to mimic a SCS admissions system that had been left logged in at a public place.  The projection was done in the same place as the previous iteration.  Reactions were mixed as the people passing (mostly CS Majors) didn’t like the idea that this controversy kept being brought up.  The webapp is currently being hosted live here.

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