“A Pause in the City that Never Sleeps” by Sabastion ErraZuriz (2015)




In the city that never sleeps, sometimes sleep is needed. Yawning is known to be contagious and artist Sabastion ErraZuriz uses this in the city that never sleeps. Using the power of yawning placed in one of the most frequently visited places in the city that never sleeps, ErraZuriz wishes he could cause visitors to yawn. The instillation features a 3 minute clip of the artist himself yawning into a camera that are played on the gigantic electronic bill boards of Times Square next to some of the biggest advertisement by the biggest brands. In this process he wishes people could slowdown from the busy routines of everyday life and reflect on oneself for a brief moment. Take a break for the city that never sleeps. The work can be interpreted as one being tired of the constant city life, tired of the constant bombardment of advertisement, tired of the market. Then once one has woken up, one can have a stronger since of awareness away from the noise.

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