Virtual Reality

Hardware (available at ArtFab Lending or IDEATE @ Hunt Lending):


  1. Create an Oculus developer account
  2. Install Unity 3d (free)
  3. Install Android Studio (includes android SDK)
  4. Install Android NDK
  5. Install Android Debug Bridge with Homebrew
  6. Install Gradle
  7. Set up your Android device
  8. Get signature File for your specific Android Phone
  9. Download Oculus Utilities for Unity from Oculus Downloads
  10. Start a new Unity Project
  11. Drag in the Unity Oculus Utilities into the assets window and import all packages
  12. Copy your Android Signature (an example) file into “Assets/Plugins/Android/assets” (create that folder if it doesn’t exist)
  13. Add a thing to look at (a sphere), a thing to stand on (a plane), and an “OVRCameraRig” from “Assets/OVR/Prefabs/OVRCameraRig”
  14. Build


  1. Follow the wonderful setup guide for Oculus Mobile SDK
  2. Oculus Unity related downloads are here