Design Assignment 2: Performance/Action in a Public Space

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Design Assignment 1: Observing the Posvar/Hillman Walkway

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“Beautiful Steps #2” by L/B (2009)

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Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann’s collective “L/B” is focused on architectural interventions that reconsider notions of perspective, function, and beauty.  “Beautiful Steps #2” is a part of their “Beautiful Steps” series in which they build staircases in non-traditional locations.  In this example, they have created a quasi-functional staircase on a skyscraper, utilizing the forced perspective of the building’s architecture to enhance their own work.

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“Cercle et suite d’eclats [Circle and following bursts]” by Felice Varini (2009)

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Felice Varini is a Paris-based artist who uses architectural space, in all its forms, as his canvas.  The possibility of multiple vantage points in a single space is an influential factor in his work.  In “Cercle et suite d’eclats,” Varini painted perfect circles on over 70 houses in Vercorin, Switzerland that can only be viewed as complete circles from one vantage point.

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“I Wish This Was” by Candy Chang (2010)

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“I Wish This Was” is a project conducted by Taiwanese-American artist Candy Chang to invite public discourse into urban planning, especially concerning abandoned or unoccupied spaces.  Stickers reading “I WISH THIS WAS” are posted onto the facade of buildings or fences with blank space for passersby to write in their own desires for the use of the space.

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“Spiders” by Recetas Urbanas (2008)

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“Spiders” is a project that melds building prostheses with unoccupied urban lots, presenting a different functional use for the same tools used to construct permanent urban structures.

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“CutUp Film” by CutUp Collective (2005)

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The CutUp Collective is an East-London based street art group that rips down billboard ads, cuts them into rectangular pieces and reposts them in such a way as to create an image completely different from the original. In doing so, the Collective subverts advertising (in a technique called subvertising) to call attention to the effects of consumerism and corporate image production in the city.

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