Red Paperclip by Hannah Gaskill (2014)


For this project, each student was given an object of very little monetary value. We were then supposed to trade up for things of greater value. I started with a miniature bungee cord and ended with an official Carnegie Mellon campus police whistle. You can see all of my in-between trades here:


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For this project, I created a sensory deprivation experience in which the subject was blindfolded and exposed to different forms of affection from friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

Secrets Secrets by Hannah Gaskill (2014)

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For this project, we were to keep a collection and find an appropriate way to display what we had collected. I chose to collect secrets, and made an interactive piece where the viewer was to pick up this tin can, a childhood communication staple, and hold it to their ear. Once this action was completed, the viewer would hear anonymous secrets that people used to keep, but no longer keep, most of which had to do with childhood.

You can hear the a secret collection by clicking on the playlist below:

Collection (2014) by Hannah Gaskill

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I am collecting good fortune.

Systems Part II (2014) by Hannah Gaskill

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I chose to flip the system of how I got dressed and how I decided to what to wear for the day. One morning, I woke up when my alarm sounded, blindfolded myself, and dug through my closet and dresser drawers. This is the product, and this is what I wore for the remainder of the day.

Systems Part I (2014) by Hannah Gaskill

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In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
One person begins conversation (either myself or someone else) What was said is processed Response from other person Interpretation of Response Who I am talking to

Waking Up

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Alarm sounds Snooze Button Alarm Sounds Either snooze again or wake up How much I have to do that day

Going to Sleep

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Feel tired Put on pajamas Get in bed Fall asleep How early I have to wake up

Calling Mom

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Call Tell her about my life She responds to what I said I analyze her input How shitty I feel when I call

Getting Dressed

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Look in closet See what is clean Change five times Pick something Who I plan on seeing that day


In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Feel hungry Look in fridge See what hasn’t expired Eat what is not expired How hungry I feel

Learning a new song on the ukulele

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Look at tabs Sort through to find easiest variation Play over and over and over Memorized chords How much I actually like the song I’m learning

Deciding to get a haircut

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Feel like my hair is too long Debate in my mind whether or not it’s worth the money Decide I can’t stand it anymore Get haircut How bored I am with my self


In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Get assigned homework Go home and do everything but homework Eventually run out of things to do that aren’t homework Do homework What class it’s for/when it’s due

Panic Attack

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Have an awkward social encounter Think for hours about how awkward it was Feel trapped inside my brain Go for a walk and smoke cigarettes Who was involved in the awkward encounter


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