Red Paper Clip Project

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The Red Paper Clip project started with a small hinge, which i then traded for a small retractable pen, which was traded for a japanese lucky ticket, which then got me a ceramic skull from Mexico, then was traded for a bottle of aspirin and two rings.  For more information follow the documented journey at the attached link:

Laugh for Me – Curating Reality

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Mirror Image

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Collaboration with Melanie Kim.

We used IFTTT to create an automated chain of text messages. The trigger to receive the next text message with the next set of directions is a tag on instagram that is specified in the previous text message. We directed the participants to take pictures of what they felt the text messages described,

these ( are the red marker (Jaime)’s actual locations,


and these ( are the blue marker (Dan)’s actual locations.


For their photos, check out their instagram: @cmu14tjjr / @dan54j


For a static map of their journey, check out google maps:


Their final destination was Gene’s Last Chance, which was permanently closed.

What is Art: A Journey

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A visual journey in which the viewer is lead to consider what art really is.

Sleep When You’re Dead

This project was a group collaboration: Hannah Gaskill, Nicholas Sardo, Angelina Namkung,  Maddy Gryger, and Andrea Gershuny.  The concept of this project was to focus on the stress culture that was prevalent at CMU, and the inherent pride that ensues due to lack of sleep.  Students pride themselves on whoever has the least amount of sleep.  This led us to thinking about a method in which to allow stressed students more sleep, creating three beds in the shape of coffins and installing them around campus, providing students with a comfortable area in which to get a decent amount of sleep.

IMG_1489 IMG_1410Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 8.59.32 PM IMG_1393 IMG_1351

A precious collection

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For this collection, I chose pieces that students believed was their most precious belonging.  Whether it was due to sentimental reasons or nostalgic memories, the items they chose were special to them.











concept collection

Systems Part II – Angelina Namkung ( 2014)

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Part II of the Systems Procedure was to choose an everyday procedure and turn it around, pushing it further in the opposite direction.  I decided to switch to using my left hand instead of my dominant right hand to go through a day.  This forced me to really focus on menial tasks which usually don’t take much thought such as dressing and eating.  Using my left hand, generally increased the effort for each and every task throughout the day.


10 systems – Angelina Namkung ( 2014)

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1.  indoor v. outdoor


2. text v. in-person

IMG_8643 IMG_8661

3. digital time v. watch

IMG_8666 IMG_8668

4. careful v. careless

IMG_8674 IMG_8686

5. chopstick v. fork



6. lens v. glasses


7. typing v. writing


8. reusable v. disposable



9. traditional v. unconventional


10. Using left hand for all major functions throughout the day, to really focus on what I am doing, and putting more effort into each and every action.


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