Remade Documentation of Logo City- Nivetha

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Logo Handcuffs Documentation- Nivetha

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Cookie Cutter Documentation- Nivetha

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Documentation- 3D Print & Lasercut

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Mold Making Documentation

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Here is the documentation for my piece.

Caspar Berger Prints his skeleton

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This articles talks about a dutch artist named Caspar Berger who took scans of his body in order to get an accurate 3d reproduction of his skeleton.¬† Each bone is unique to the person to it is very important that the bones be exact replicas. After¬† printing the skeleton, Berger sent his 3d skull print to an expert in facial reconstruction and had them remake his face on the skull. The reconstructors were not able to see the artist’s face and were only given his ethnicity and age to go by.

I really respect Berger’s use of this technology and taking advantage of the fact that technology and 3d printing can help him print things that were impossible ten years ago. He really commands the media and its interesting to see his innovative approach with using a 3d printer.

Hands and Teeth

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This piece is called Hands and Teeth and is a cast brass piece by Micah Adams. The piece is very small – 2 x 1 x 1 cm.

I’m very interested in smaller scale works because most of my sculptures last semester were on the larger scale. I’m impressed with the way Adams combines a small item which is basically a bone with fleshy hands to create a delicate but gruesome small sculpture. I believe the size of the piece adds to the eeriness of the artwork.
Furthermore, I’m interested in how Adams was able to cast such a small piece without letting the details disappear.

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