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Assignment #2 3D scanning and printing

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For this assignment you are required to make a 3D scan of a small object, and then print it out using a  3D printer.   Ideally, I would like you to scan the object that you also made a silicone mold of so that you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of each process.  I would also like you to scale the 3D prints to a significantly smaller size than the original.  One of the advantages of making a 3D print is that we can alter the scale quite easily, wheras the silicone mold process only gives you an exact replica.

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Rachel Whiteread

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from: thefunambulist.net/2010/12/23/unwall-rachel-whiteread/

In several of her works, Rachel Whiteread is “unwalling” architecture by casting the negative of the wall i.e. the space framed by the walls.
For House (1993), she casted an entire Victorian house in London printing all the details of the original walls in the concrete. She then destroyed them letting the concrete negative as a final result.



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