Final Project

I used the laser cutter for my final project, there is a video that goes with it, I have posted the link to VIMEO below.

video here (Copy and paste into browser):

Stills posted below:


CNC Router Project


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3D Print

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Mold Making Final Project

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3D Printing

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I’m interested in this 3D print article about an architect who used the medium to create an ‘endless house’ because i’m interested in space. I plan to incorporate the use of space and architecture within my 3d print as well.

Post for class 1/16/13

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Olafur Eliasson, an artist I am very interested in, mass produced a type of light fixture inspired by his work. In doing this, he makes his typically large scale installation and site specific work available to homes and businesses across the world. This work involves the use of light, which I think can also be used as a medium of multiples.

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