Make-up Spirograph

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Photos and Video

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“Excuse Me, I Need to Powder My Nose.”

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Photo and Video – Handheld Vanity


CNC Artists

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Fretworks uses a CNC Router to create many different works of art- from banisters to shop displays and beyond.



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Laser Cut Art

Eric Standley creates stained glass windows with laser cut paper.  They are inspired by Gothic and Islamic structures.

Mold Making – “Dancers”

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photo photo copy

3D Printer Artist

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The team of Sheila Munro and Matthew J. Chin of “Dropping Form Designs” create jewelry as well as sculptures, and even cell phone cases. Their work is very intricately detailed, and seems to follow a pattern throughout the various pieces.

Mold-Making Artist

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Mold Making: Sonya Vasquez Wax Artist

Sonya Vasquez is an artist that makes wax figures of real people.  She works with the Wax Museum to amaze replicas of famous people.  She begins by taking a mold of the person.  She takes different molds of each part of the body.  She then fills in the molds with wax.  She pays such close attention to detail, and the figures look very life-like.

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