CNC Routed Cosplay

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Looper Cosplay


Again, I found the cosplay discussion we had during our final crit to be quite funny. Here’s another example of cosplay / art / sculpture / whatever you want to call it that used the CNC Router.


3D Printed Cosplay

Most Awesome 3D Printed Cosplay


I found our discussion on cosplay during the final crit to be quite funny.

Here’s an awesome example of how 3D Printing, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears can be used to make a really incredible sculpture. I mean cosplay.


3D Printed Spires




Modeled from a 3D scan of clay spires, then inserted into Rhino and multiplied. Printed with ABS plastic.


Documentation5 Documentation4 Documentation3



CNC Routed mold, which was used to cast horns out of polyester casting resin.

Laser Cutting – Wearable Sketches


“As with a lot of design work, sometimes the most interesting aspect is the sketch before the final product. Recent graduate and fashion designer Elvira ‘t Hart’s latest collection aims to translate those beastly 2D sketches to garments.”

Mold Making – Blue Bath Performance

Aisha Tandiwe Bell’s Blue Bath


A performance with multiple casts of the figure and her face.

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