Art Therapy Bibliography

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Haslam, John (b. 1764 d. 1844)

Bachelard, Gaston (b. 1884 in Bar-sur-Aube, France, d. 1962)

  • The Poetics of Space: The classic look at how we experience intimate spaces [1958]
  • On Poetic Imagination and Revery [1987]

Naumburg, Margaret (b. 1890 New York, USA, d. 1983)

  • An introduction to Art Therapy: studies of the “free” art expression of behavior problem children and adolescents as a means of diagnosis and therapy [1973]

Lacan, Jacques (b. 1901 in Paris, France, d. 1981)

  • The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis [1977]
  • Art can tell us about psychoanalysis

Kramer, Edith (b. 1916 Vienna, Austria)

  • Art Therapy in a Children’s Community [1958]
  • Art as Therapy with Children [1971]

Kusama, Yayoi (b. 1929 Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan)

  • “Visual representation of some aspects of the experience of psychosis”
  • “Pattern used as a means of self-obliteration”

American Art Therapy Association

Gottlieb, Annie


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