Research Assignment 1, Holiday Gift Wrapping Robot

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While they are generally used for spot welding, positioning, and ergonomic lifts for moving objects that are too heavy for a human to move, the robotic arms with multiple degrees of freedom have become industry standard tools in just about any major, high-volume manufacturing facility. In this case, a few of the arms were repurposed to create the necessary motions in wrapping gifts with gift paper. This was for a theatrical trailer for GM, the automotive company during the holidays. Regardless, the robots did actually serve the purpose in folding paper in the proper shape and in the proper time period for different sized gifts to be wrapped for the public to witness. This display in technology helped the general public better understand the type of equipment used in producing the vehicles they drive on the roads today.


Assignment 1: sensor + actuator

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This is HI-BOT! He is there to greet you, regardless of the location you enter! So long as you stop by and say ‘hi’ first. If you are too far away, he assumes that you are not entering to speak to him and does not wave.


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