Assignment 2 “Musical Painting” by Wanfang & Meng(2013)

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musical painting



This idea came from the translation between music and painting. When somebody draws some picture, the music will change at the same time. So, it looks like you draw some music:)


We use sensor to test the light, get the analog input , then transform it  to sound. I think the musical painting is a translation from visible to invisible, from seeing to listening.


It is fun to break the rule between different sense. To on the question, the differences between noise, sound and music, personally thinking, that the sound is normal listening for people. The noise may be disturb people. The music is a sound beyond people’s expect. So based on the environment, people’s idea will also change, we will create more suitable music .

Instrument: “KINETIC RAIN″ by ART+COM (2012)

Instrument,Reference — meng shi @ 8:50 pm


Instrument: “Quotidian Records″ by Brian House (2012)

Instrument,Reference — meng shi @ 8:49 pm


Instrument: “Beat Match″ by David Rinman (2013)

Instrument,Reference — meng shi @ 8:47 pm


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