Final Project(revised): JaeWook Lee

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video, 1:56″
The word “ideasthesia” is a phenomenon in which the activation of ideas evokes perception-like experiences. The term is etymologically derived from the ancient Greek verb idea (idea) and aisthesis (sensation), referring to “sensing concepts.” The project explores how we sense things without actual stimuli, but through the intensive imagination and association in both visual and auditory levels. It is composed of two video works in which a cellist plays the cello without the actual instrument, meaning “air cello” by using her imagination. It was installed in the form of video installation in front of The Studio For Creative Inquiry in CFA.

Ideasthesia from JaeWook Lee on Vimeo.

Final Project – JaeWook Lee

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Ideasthesia_installation view


Ideasthesia_installation view

Ideasthesia_installation view

Final Project Milestone 2 and 3 – JaeWook Lee

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sm02IMG_5930 IMG_5948  sm09

ideasthesia installation view from JaeWook Lee on Vimeo.

Final Project Milestone 1-JaeWook Lee

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sm01 sm02

ideasthesia from JaeWook Lee on Vimeo.



Final Project Proposal: JaeWook Lee

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Assignment 2: “The workshop: performing sound” by JaeWook Lee (2013)

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The workshop: performing sound

The workshop aims at exploring performativity through converting the sound into a bodily experience. The two voluminous speakers, set on the middle of the floor in the lobby, produce two different fragments of the sounds. One produces the Soviet Union composer, Dmitri Shostakovich’s musics. The other produces Charlotte Moorman’s American Avant-guard cello sounds, creating a juxtaposition and a dialogue with each other. In front of the speakers, the performers dance in response to each sound in delay; they perform the music in silence through the memory of the sound, dividing the sounds from its sensory perception. The performers focus on reacting the memory of the music in order to express how the sonic-ideology affects the human body and its movement.

Instrument: “Returning a Sound” by Allora and Calzadilla (2004)

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Instrument: “Puerto Rican Light” by Allora and Calzadilla (1998/2003)

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Instrument: “Algorithm” by Allora and Calzadilla (2011)

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Instrument: “Algorithm” by Allora and Calzadilla (2011)



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