The Artist’s Self Portrait

Assignment,Final Project,Submission — Ticha Sethapakdi @ 7:11 pm

Of Process and Pumpkins.

Assignment,In-Class,Submission — Ticha Sethapakdi @ 9:30 am

This quote that I found underlines how the process of creation takes precedence over the result itself. I was going to paint the hands initially, but I wanted the focal point to be on the pumpkin (the lack of paint also makes it easier to see the details of the hand).

I chose the calloused hands of my father primarily to symbolize how process is something that takes time and much effort – the weathered look of the skin is indicative of the passage of time, as well as the hard labor required to ‘produce great pumpkins’.

The hands were molded using RTV rubber (a type of putty). The pumpkin was molded using silicone.


Assignment,In-Class,Submission — Ticha Sethapakdi @ 9:26 am

I apologize for misinterpreting the assignment – initially I thought that we were expected to make three small positives using three different techniques.

Acorn: Blue casting material

Panda: Silicone

Battery: Putty

“Strange Bedfellows”

Assignment,Submission,Technique — Ticha Sethapakdi @ 9:32 pm

Although seemingly ‘cute’ or ‘kitch’ at a first glance, this piece was geared towards a more morbid concept: death as an alternative meaning for the word, “sleep”. More specifically, it explores the role of food as a method of processing death for the sake of human indulgences. But what I found most interesting about food–such as the Japanese sushi dishes–was how a medley of dead animals can be neatly arranged in an almost ‘natural’ fashion on a plate – regardless of whether they were actually from the same hemisphere, or the same cubic kilometer of ocean. This unification of the different species in their final stage of rest is what makes them ‘strange bedfellows’ indeed.

Knot Assignment – Ticha

Assignment,Knots,Technique — Ticha Sethapakdi @ 5:50 am

Ferris Wheel

(From: Google Warehouse) 

Ferris Wheel Movement.flv

“The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”

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