Final Project- Refracting Light Internally

Assignment,Final Project,In-Class — JamieEarnest @ 11:29 pm


Assignment,Folding,Technique — JamieEarnest @ 10:14 pm

Final Casting Project

Assignment,Final Project,In-Class,Modelling — JamieEarnest @ 2:39 am

Practice Silicone Casting and Mold Making

Assignment,Modelling — JamieEarnest @ 5:34 pm

“Conscious Sleep”

Assignment,In-Class — JamieEarnest @ 1:09 am

Sleep is an unconscious, vulnerable and unknowing state of which we all experience daily. This soft sculpture piece connects the sleeping, unconscious world to the alert and awake world. The photo series shows the process of a full sleep (the intact sleeping mask placed over both models’ eyes) to a half sleep as represented by a split, overly plush and exaggerated mask. The winding fabric in between not only links the models but represents the unpredictable state from the experience of sleeping. It is a connection to the unknown. In a way, this piece gives security to the models, as well as my audience, by only blinding one eye as opposed to sleeping with both eyes blinded.

Suspended Knot Chair

Assignment,Knots — JamieEarnest @ 7:11 pm
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