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Rope Swing

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I wanted to make an object entirely made of just knots from rope. The base of the swing is comprised of 40 small Celtic knots and is connected to the handles by 4 Bowline knots. The thin neon strings hold all the Celtic knots together.

Geodesic Sphere Origami

Our assignment was to create, out of origami, an object that represents ‘progress’. I have always been fascinated by nature’s ability to form geometry shapes out of atoms to molecules, an interesting example of this would be the bucky ball.

I chose to create the geodesic sphere origami using the laser cutter. To me, the sphere in many aspects represents progress because of its constant repeating faces, the more faces the object encompassed the more sphere it becomes. However the object also holds elements of failure, because although the more faces the object has the more sphere-like it will become, it will never become a sphere, which has only one face.


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