Minnar’s Mid Semester Presentation

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so many data points, so many challenges…

Mid-Semester Report — minnar @ 8:15 am

As a refresher, my initial project plan was to use biosensing (in particular, EEG sensors) on people in some unspecified setting for some unspecified purpose and to sonify that data as a means of being able to immerse strangers in an intimate view into another person’s experience. My project has shifted a lot since discovering that commercially available EEG sensors either 1) don’t interface well with MAX or 2) don’t work on Mac computers without a lot of signal processing.

Moving forward I decided to settle with GSR, which made the most  sense in terms of also indirectly measuring emotional reaction but having more scaffolding than EEG since it seems much easier to deal with and more people have worked with GSR for projects. I spoke with the psych professor I’m working with and he confirmed that GSR was probably my best bet in terms of reliable data.


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