Atomic Milestone Level Three: Audiyou and Me

Assignment — henry.armero @ 5:04 am

Things have taken a turn!

I am not feeling the project as much, and am proceeding towards a different goal. It is titled Audiyou and Me and it is a musical-composition social mixer event. Its objective is to demonstrate that the creation of music is not an elite educational undertaking, but rather a simple activity that can be done with friends. It does this through the use of a simple smartphone instrument and a central hub that randomly groups people into ad-hoc ‘bands’.


Henry Armero mid-semester update

Mid-Semester Report — henry.armero @ 7:14 am

Atomic Milestone Level Two: What Am I Doing Why Am I Wearing A Hat

Assignment — henry.armero @ 6:28 am


So! This is the second milestone of my still unnamed project. Maybe I should name it! I’ll consider that while writing.

So!!! Last time I was like THE HELL DO I DO WITH THESE SENSORS AND CAMERAS, and the answer was discovered to be STUFF. So now I did some stuff I guess.

First, Ali helped me set up a camera helmet combo, which is very fun. I am like an Angler Fish. Pictureeeeeee:

It is pretty exciting! I also used some clothesline I had lying around to attach it to my face better. This has the wonderful side effect of choking the wearer. Besides that it’s pretty comfortable, though.

What else happened? I played with a Raspberry Pi some. I don’t have any pictures of that, because I haven’t really gotten anywhere yet. But yeah, I might end up porting things to PD and putting it on that? That would be splendid. I guess that is happening next a little bit.

I made a little video to show what it looks like in Max right now. Uh.


Atomic Milestone Level One: Is video processing a good idea? Is motion sensing electronics a good idea?

Machine Vision,Max,OpenCV — henry.armero @ 5:42 am


You are reading the first milestone of Henry Armero’s so far unnamed project. What an exciting premise! What is it?

Well, currently The Plan is to create some manner of mask, costume, suit, and/or outfit that will have some means of detecting motion of the wearer. It will form an instrument that works as follows!: It encourages stillness, building off the slight involuntary motions of the wearer and the static of the sensors. However, when there is a big movement, like a blink or a twitch or an itch or a whatever, the building sound will get jarred and it will be a thing.

COOL OK SO, how will this be accomplished? Well, I didn’t want to just jump in and start planning around certain aspects in case they turned out to be mega shitty. So I started out by doing a test of the various techs just to see how they rolled. First, how would having a webcam with live processing go?

To decide that, I built a little max patch and played with the jit openCV boxes. And I think they work pretty well! My patch looks kind of like this, if you are curious. You can click for big!


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