Critical Design- reference for Nicole

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“Rape is Rape”– Projected on the Capitol 10/21/12

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Short Story Found here at

Bon Fire Instrument

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A really nice animation. The beginning is strangely composited, but the middle of this animation is really worth seeing.

Mid Semester Rothera Presentation

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Rothera-Mid Semester Update

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Mid Semester Update: Alex Rothera

Just for a public record I wanted to post some writing about this project I made initially because I feel it still is holds true to my direction with this project, and might not have been seen yet. Also below is an image of an artist statement I finished last week. The first artist statement I am actually happy with.


Object & Machine: a Relational Performance

Object”- Has a natural reaction. Has many natural states.

Machine”- Performs actions or verbs on the object(s). Has many calculated states.

Happenings” – Happenings take place anywhere, and are often multi-disciplinary, with nonlinear narrative and the active participation of the audience.

Coincidence” – correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence.


Testing the Everyday: ikea

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I’ve always found Ikea a very strange place. Especially strange is their style of testing furniture. They create these incredible weird and awesome machines for testing their furniture. The entire goal of this machine is to try and simulate a human person or gesture (such as sitting or cabinet opening).

Two videos below (2nd one is disturbing):

-An actual machine testing how a person would sit.

Ikea commercial from the 80s possibly:

Personal Inspiration

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These are my top inspirational artists I have recently come across. There are more classic examples than these people, but I’m excited about this group as I haven’t seen their work until very recently. Refreshing work!


My first new favorite body of work and huge inspiration for my senior thesis project is the work of Maywa Denki. A Japanesse artist who was maybe best known in the mid 90’s.

“Who am I? […] I wanted to create ‘products’ with a fish motif in order to discover myself”

“I decided to assume I was a fish. The fishes shape is very simple[…] If you look at non-sense from a different angle, it becomes common sense.”

*click the image for an INCREDIBLE 3 part “commercial” for his Naki series of machines.

Maywa also does an incredible series and concerts of musical instruments.



A few other artists I’m very inspired by in one way or another:

Pe Lang

Roman Signer:

Old Spice Muscle Music

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Thought this would be a fun first post! Alot of this isn’t real, but its actually impressive html5 stuff that lets you play your own music with this on the keyboard keys.

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