“Highrise” Interactive Documentary by Katerina Cizek (2009-2015)

A multimedia documentary project about life in residential highrises made for the National Film Board of Canada. To be viewed mainly through a web browser.


Highrise consists of multiple sub-projects such as:

  • The Thousandth Tower: a citizen media project by six residents in a multi cultural highrise in Toronto.
  • Out my Window: a web documentary exploring the lives of families in 13 cities around the world.
  • One Millionth Tower: the result of work between people in residential skyscrapers and architects who collaborated to reimagine their homes in 3D space.
  • Universe Within: a project to explore internet connectivity amongst highrise residents. 14 residents in a Toronto highrise went door-to-door to neighbors to explore how they connect online.

The project was created using, amongst other tools HTML5, WebGL, Three.js, and Javascript. It was the first 3D web doccumentary to not require Adobe Flash.




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