Design Assignment 2: Performance/Action in a Public Space

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“Garden Sky” by Hidemi Nishida(2013)

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On the top of hill covered with grass, five white sofas are floating in the air. Viewers find them from under the hill and walk up. Each sofas have ladder or stairs to reach to the seat. And viewers can sit down on the sofas and realize beautiful landscape and sky in front of them. This is the sofa to sit into the sky. More here

“Quadratura” by Pablo Valbuena (2010)

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Quadratura uses video projection on architecture to extend the main axis of the room and expand the limits of physical space. The project is based on a technique used in the baroque. More info here.

“Animalia” by Michail Vanis (2013)

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Animalia looks at how we may begin to genetically alter the design of corals seeded in areas where tsunames might hit. More info here

“Caelum” by Michail Vanis (2013)

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Caelum project

Inspired by the Weather Modification Office in China, Caelum creates a hypothetical sandbox testing facility in Mali, where a completely artificial climate with complex wind manipulation, sunlight control, rain seeding, and weather-based biodiversity experimentation is set up. More info here

“Laptop Compubody Sock” by Becky Stern (2008)

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A knit sculpture that prevents others from viewing your work on your computer, this piece provides “privacy, warmth and concentration in public spaces”.  Read More

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