3D Printed Cosplay

Most Awesome 3D Printed Cosplay


I found our discussion on cosplay during the final crit to be quite funny.

Here’s an awesome example of how 3D Printing, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears can be used to make a really incredible sculpture. I mean cosplay.


3D Printed Spires




Modeled from a 3D scan of clay spires, then inserted into Rhino and multiplied. Printed with ABS plastic.

Buggy, Buggy, Buggy



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“Excuse Me, I Need to Powder My Nose.”

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Photo and Video – Handheld Vanity


3D Scanning/Printing and the Flip/Flop

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I read this article by Robin Sloan last Spring and really enjoyed it, and is SUPER on point as far as our next section (scanning and printing).  Robin Sloan is an writer, not an artist by trade, but he has done some interesting things digitally, such as being the first person ever to integrate twitter into a live TV broadcast (during the 2008 presidential campaign), or releasing a “tappable essay” as an ipad app.  I highly encourage you to read the article because it’s the bomb.com.  His work often comments on trends in digital and popular culture.


Quoteable quotes:

“the flip-flop (n.) the process of pushing a work of art or craft from the physical world to the digital world and back again—maybe more than once”

“It is probably the fate of most fruits of the flip-flop, indeed most works of art, in the early 21st century to end up as animated GIFs.”

3D Printer Artist

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The team of Sheila Munro and Matthew J. Chin of “Dropping Form Designs” create jewelry as well as sculptures, and even cell phone cases. Their work is very intricately detailed, and seems to follow a pattern throughout the various pieces.


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