Leaves as Scales as Leaves

Still finishing documentation, need to take some pictures of them on a model.


read more for process

1.) Buy Pair of Ugly Boots
2.) Strip and Re-Dye Boots
3.) Wax and Polish to Seal
4.) Touch up with Acrylic Paint
5.) Have Pair of Nice Boots

1.) Match Leaf to Scale by Size
2.) Cut Dart into Leaf to Fit
3.) Glue Leaf Firmly to Scale
4.) Carefully Trim Excess from Rear
5.) Admire Leaf Scale

1.) Silicone over Scales
2.) Flip, coat in mold release, then Pour more silicone
3.) Demolded Relief + Backing
4.) Poured-in Dyed Plastic (before relief Press)
5.) Cast Scales


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