Be Your Own Souvenir

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Using a midi controller, the three differents input pointclouds (3 Kinects) can be adjusted in space and resolution. The resulting combined point cloud is processed by Meshlab to produce a mesh reconstruction. Skeinforge takes the mesh, previously cleaned up through Blender, and outputs a gcode file, which can feed a cnc machine

The strength of this project comes from its well done integration into the public space. It is fortunately not a separate tent or pavilion that users have to enter into. The is an interesting relationship between the permanence of printed objects and the fleeting nature of interacting with a public space. As seen in the video users do interact much differently with this booth then if they did with a photo booth that printed out their picture. So while the purpose of this project seems to be “linking them to under-laying spaces and their own realities.”, in that sense I don’t really it being much different than a photo booth which prints out a unique souvenir as well. What IS interesting is how taking photos is so common and understood in our social vernacular it is always formulaic and boring to take a picture. People have never interacted with a 3d scanner and act much looser and freer with an unknown recording source.

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