Final Project: Digital Tabla – David Lu

Assignment,Final Project — David Lu @ 11:04 pm

The original plan was to collaborate with Jake in creating a composition of live electronic music, where Jake would control a monophonic instrument with lots of continuously varying modulation, and where I would provide percussion accompaniment that would be responsive to tempo changes, interruptions, and general groove.

However, we didn’t have time to figure something out, and I also couldn’t even get my instrument working, so I worked with what I had: LEDs that flashed when I struck the drums. Honestly, the LEDs were almost an afterthought, and more for helping me visualize the responsiveness of my instrument (it’s not as responsive as I would like it to be), and they were not meant to be the primary focus, but that was all I had 😐

So, in the few minutes before presentation, I decided to shut off the lights to glamorize the flashing lights.


Demo video:

Future plans:

I still haven’t  gotten the code to send out MIDI messages. I will need to do that.

But the more important thing is to make the sensors more sensitive and the code more accurate. For that, I will have to redo the right hand drum to its original design, probably also adding a gratituous number of piezos in parallel as well.

Replacing the breadboard with a protoboard is also something I should consider.


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