Assignment 2: “GlasSpinner” by Can Ozbay & Patra Virasathienpornkul (2013)

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GlasSpinner is an instrument, where a player stations his fingers on the wine glasses, touches and the instrument produces sound while the glasses spin underneath.

In the past I’ve worked with wine glasses, and I loved their sound. Just to be clear, if you don’t know what I’m talking about – when you rub your fingers, they make beautiful sounds! But this is a hard process. You have to hold the glass, rub your finger with a constant spin, and it’s a tricky thing to achieve. So I’ve came up with the idea of making wine glasses spin automatically! Me and Patt teamed up, and together we’ve designed an acrylic base that holds them together. Instead of rubbing your finger around the glass, the motor drives the two bases that hold and spin the glasses, allowing you to place your finger stationary. The first prototype worked, but it was bulky and unstable. We were able to achieve a decent sound from the first glass, but the spin rate of the second glass wasn’t enough, because of the design of the spinners.

After the first working prototype, we decided to design a new body, focusing on stability and simplicity. This time, we’ve made it very modular(ikea-esque) for ease of carrying and use. We chose different sized transparent acrylic as the main material, and lasercut all the parts. There were some problems due to the accuracy of the laser cutter, that prevented the glass holder to spin smoothly. However, we managed to fix it by sanding the holes to leave some room between the circles and the holes.

Here are some photos of the old prototypes :



old protoype




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