Two Chairs and a Conversation: “The Wiser and the Lesser (Prototype)” by Luca Damasco (2013)

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     The conversation between the “Wiser” and the “Lesser” will be my attempt at humorous pedagogy between two volunteers. These participants can either know or not know their partner, however one will immediately be designated “the Wiser” by the size and stature of their chair in comparison to their counterpart’s. This conversation could last for hours, for minutes or possibly for seconds; however, the short term goal of the conversation will be for one of the participants to have learned or experienced something new. This “something” should not merely be interesting, but hopefully life changing. I aim for the scene to take place in the Hunt Library but not simply for it’s pedagogical nature. Rather than simply place my ‘guinea pigs’ on a regular floor, if this conversation were to take place in the rare art book room (fully stocked) I feel that the conversation will take very wild and unexpected turns. My prototype is based off of a strong, simple and traditional wooden chair. Rather than implement ornamental and decorative style for the forward and back ends, I chose to allow my early models to simply reflect the “strength” of the pose the chair will take. It should be tall, and wide in comparison to “the Lesser’s” chair. Further down the line I hope to add etching and stylizations to both chairs in order to better develop their subversive meanings.


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