Habitat: “Dark Night of the Soul” by Gwen Sadler (2013)




When creating my habitat I wanted to play with the relationship of the inhabitants and the habitat itself, and how the latter can be shaped by the former. While designing this I was imagining the “habitat” of a renaissance woman. Everything is dark and barren as she lives hidden away in a cave among a mountain range representing her solitude. The lattice and shard looking pieces are meant to symbolize her presence, her thought, her work. Inside the cave is cluttered where she spends her time, she looks around her and there is only this big mess of all her projects and studies. Then outside the cave reaches a much more organized beautiful arrangement of her presence. But it reaches out into blackness, disconnected from everything, representing the futility of her efforts.

Unfortunately the project is not complete but I had fun experimenting with acrylic.




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